Hello! I am so glad that you made it!
I think that it is only fair that, since you will be telling me about
yourself, that I share a bit about myself.

my story.
I am Jenna Verhoeven, a Naturopath trained in Herbal Medicine, Performance Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition, and Wellness Coaching. I am also a real-foods enthusiast, facilitator of health and wellbeing, and an all-round passionate person.

Prior to gaining my qualifications as a Naturopath, I have worked in retail, hospitality and customer service, been an art school student and worked as a phlebotomist for the Australian Red Cross Donor Service. Each of these roles saw me being surrounded by people working on tight deadlines, chasing stressful KPIs, and generally not looking after themselves. I was one of those people.

For many years I had put my health and wellbeing behind paying bills, indulging, being ‘busy’, and smashing my employer’s expectations. I was aware that I was walking a fine line with my health, so now I am a Naturopath. I am passionate in empowering others, so they do not take their health for granted, or allow their health concerns take over their lives.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, as well as a Certificate IV in Pathology. I am also currently working on my Bachelor in Health Sciences, majoring in Complementary Medicine.

I do this because want there to be ease and joy in every day, and I
want you to experience that same ease!

my story.
I want there to be a synergy in holistic medicine with orthodox medical models. I want to support you in reaching your health goals. I want to support you on your joy-seeking, ease-finding journey.
I find joy in helping people understand their bodies; helping them learn to listen to what they are being told by their physical and mental selves.

My purpose is to help you become empowered with the knowledge and tools you need to live a healthier life, free from acute and chronic ailments that you have come to just accept as being part of who you are.