I’ve just spent the entire month of March celebrating Women’s History Month. I’ve given props to the women who’ve given me props; the women who are part of my history. My herstory. I’ve also shared some info about health problems which, whilst they can affect anyone of the gender spectrum, more commonly affect the women folk. This month my ‘favourite things’ spotlight is chocolate.

Are you even a Naturopath?

Yup.  I sure am. And I’m sure you’re why the hell am I recommending chocolate?  Let’s be real for a moment. I am a firm believer of the 80:20 diet; 80% of what I eat is for its nutrient content and the benefit that it brings my body, 20% is of what I eat and drink is for the benefit of my soul. As Cookie Monster would call it, “sometimes foods”. So, if you’re gonna eat chocolate, you might as well eat chocolate that aligns with your social, ethical, moral, and food philosophies, right?


For reals. This is the bees knees, without actually harming the bees. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan. Each square is an offering from the chocolate gods. You may baulk at the cost and/or size, but trust me when I say this, you only need one square to be satisfied. If you’re going to do something ‘bad’, like eating chocolate, you might as well make it good (for you, your body, and the planet).

Perfect for: weekends away with the girlfriends.

Favourite flava: Don’t make me choose.

Loving Earth

Another awesome brand that’s free from all the scary stuff (gluten, soy, dairy) and abundant in the good stuff (chocolate and good vibes). Another awesome organic and vegan offering that’s a lil more economical if you’re the sick sorta gal who likes to share her chocolate!

Perfect for: Gifting a 30g love heart shaped choccie to your work wife, “just because”.

Favourite flava: Hazelnut mylk.

Bennetto Natural Foods Co.

Such a delightful package, that houses such delightful chocolate! A fair-trade, vegan, organic, gluten free offering. This one is made in Switzerland and is divine! A great, supermarket friendly brand that makes buying ethical and mindful chocolate dead easy.

Perfect for: Taking around to your folks when you’re stopping by for a cuppa and trying to show that you’re successfully adulting.

Favourite flava: Hazelnut. Seriously there are so many nuts in this bad boy, it’s nuttier than me.


Planet and body friendly, this organic and vegan offering is a little easier to find than some of the other specialty choc treats. I love Pico because they make the offering of “Sea Salt. A good friend and fellow naturopath once proclaimed that dark salted chocolate is a godsend for any woman with PMS. The chocolate is abundant in magnesium and antioxidants to help with physical manifestations of PMS, whilst the combo of fats, sugar and salt is bang on to satisfy cravings.

Perfect for: Any colleague, partner, girlfriend who is a PMS monster; throw it at her from a distance and give it time.

Favourite Flava: Sea salt – see above.

Please note: This article is 100% based on my personal opinions. There are no kickbacks, affliate marketing, or free samples for me in writing this article. I just really like chocolate.


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