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Some food for thought, words of wisdom, and ponderings from clinic.

A light blue box of tissues with a vibrant backgroud.

Winter workout wellness: Should I exercise with a cold?

Not sure if you're 'sick enough' to skip a training session? Read on.

stress presents itself in more ways than you many think

2 symptoms you wouldn’t think to pin on stress

Stress presents itselfs in more ways than we may think.

A bunch of fresh lavender, used in herbal medicine for stress management.

15 minute chill out lavender cookies

A quick 20 minute recipe for a calming lavender cookie.

Graffiti style painting of a person clutching at their face as though in distress.

step one for less stress

How I found the first step in treating and managing stress There’s a tool which psychologists and counsellors use to

Gluten free bread and bagels in a baking tray

Raindrops. Roses. Whiskers. Kittens. Gluten free bread

Gluten free bread has come a long way! Here are my top five picks!

Rice cooking in a big pot with spices.

Rice: the gluten free blame grain?

Is rice really the devils sidediosh?

Quinoa. Many different colours of this gluten free seed.

Keen-wha? Quinoa! All about this gluten free ‘grain’

Keen to try something new in the kitchen? Try this gluten free seed!

Buckwheat. A gluten free grain. Cooked groats witha silver spoon.

What the buck (wheat)? The gluten free grain game

I’ve been trying to convince my mother to go gluten free for years. Years. Throughout these years, anytime I have

Gluten free diet means no wheat. A row of heads of wheat.

Grappling with gut feelings on going gluten free?

TYhinking of going on a gluten free diet? Read this.