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Hoot cross buns on a plate, not a healthy Easter treat

don’t blow your hard work in the gym over Easter.

“Easter time is the time for Eggs and the time for eggs is Easter time. Chocolate eggs, sugar candy eggs,

FebFast: a Table covered in chocolates and coffee beans.

forgotten days of FebFast

Recently, the gym in which I work from, and work-out in, held a FebFast challenge for its members. There was

A Spanish onion with a green shoot growing, perfect for a honey macerate

Recipe: Honey macerate

Last week I wrote about foods as medicines that we can use to support our immune system during the colder

A white bowl with a wooden honey spoon and golden, immune boosting, honey

Five foods to eat more of to keep well this winter.

Continuing on the theme of all things immune, here are five quick foods you can add to your diet to

Two garlic bulbs

A-Zinc of Immune Health for Winter

Despite the occasional warm day, winter is still well and truly here. It’s  still dark when many of us leave

Six whole sardines, a good source of good fat.

fats. good fats

I’m not referring to the fat your partner can get away with jiggling, be it theirs or yours, in a

A cup of coffee with a smile in the crema.

To coffee?

Or not to coffee. One of the most contentious issues surrounding Naturopathic medicine. Coming a close second only to something

A big loaf of fresh bread.


Gluten. Love it, hate it, Switzerland about it – either way, we all have an opinion. One of the most