I recently had a bit of an eye-opening experience with a close friend of mine. She knows I’m a Naturopath. At times we’ve chatted about tweaks she can do to her diet to help herself optimise her health; I’ve never formally seen her as a client though. She asked me for an opinion on essential and carrier oils for use on the skin for acne.

Firstly, a disclaimer: I am not an aromatherapist or beautician.

The carefully thought out answer to my friend was along the lines of; “whilst I did learn a little bit about carrier oils in massage therapy and topical applications of herbal creams, ointments, and liniments, I don’t do too much topically. I like to address what’s causing the problem (in this case, acne) rather than the symptom or sign.” Her response was, “oh man, I totally have no idea what a naturopath is then!”. We had a bit of a chuckle and continued the convo.

But it made me realise.

How many folks out there don’t know what it is I, as a Naturopath do?

So, let me take a moment to explain.

As Naturopath I use a variety of tools such as western herbal medicine, nutrition and food as medicine, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle advice to help you feel better.

Feel better with what?

Anything and everything! But here’s the kicker, I don’t just treat what you think you’re coming to see me for. As a naturopath, I treat you holistically. This means when you come and see me, I’ll obviously focus on what your chief complaint or concern is, but then I look at the rest of your body; as a whole.

I look at how your digestion sis, I’ll ask questions about your sleep, energy, mood and mindset. We’ll take a look at the foods you eat and what your day looks like. Do you exercise, do you work at a desk all day, do you have a family of 7 and you spend all day cooking, cleaning, and loving? All these things factor into your health, so all these things I need to factor into your wellness.

How I help you.

I’m going to admit it, I love a good quirky circus! We are all unique, and even something as simple as a cold can affect people differently. No two clients are the same, and reaching optimum health requires slowly peeling back a bunch of layers until we get to the centre cause of a problem.

When you come and see me, I may ask you to keep a food and mood diary or send me through a copy of the training plan your coach gave you. I may get you to complete a questionnaire or two. If you’ve had recently blood tests or scans, I’d love to see these; or I may refer you to get some testing done.

Working together.

What’s also important to consider is I work in alliance with your other health care providers. I think it’s so important that anyone looking after your health is talking to each other and knows what everyone else is doing. Your health is not a competition to me, it’s about working synergistically to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Want to know more?

As you may know, I am an accreditated Naturopathj with the Australian Traditional Medicines Society. Here’s a link to their info about what a Naturopath does. Another Australian accreditation body, the Australian Natural Therapies Association also has a great artcile explaining Naturopathy here.

Work with me first hand.

Is it time you finally stop putting of your own health and wellbeing? It’s been a trying year, and a lot of folk are needing a little bit of help to get their health in check. You can book your appointment with me here.


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