Last week I wrote about foods as medicines that we can use to support our immune system during the colder months.  You can read all about my top five immune boosting foods here. This week I am going one step further, and combing two of these powerful immune foods; honey and onions. Now I know it seems like a strange idea, but let me tell you, it works!

I make up a batch of this one month before winter starts. Once I am about halfway through a jar, I will prepare the next jar of potent honey goodness! Here is my  macerate recipe.

  • 1 jar of good, organic honey
  • 1 large, brown onion
  • 1 sterilised jar
  • A spoon
  • A chopping board and sharp knife
  1. Peel and dice the onion as fine as possible.
  2. Pop the diced onion into a sterilised jar.
  3. Cover the onion with honey, stir or shake to ensure the onion is coated in honey. Fill the rest of the jar up with the honey.
  4. Allow the macerate to sit for at least a week – the longer the better.

After a week, the onions will get sweeter, and the honey is infused with the Allicin goodness of the onions. A powerful double whammy to knock down some cold ‘n ‘flu bugs! Take one tablespoon of the macerate per day to keep colds and flu at bay. Keep making batches throughout the season, to ensure that you don’t run out!




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